Honeymoon Horror: One Twist to Solve Days of Our Lives’ Biggest Problems?

Is the honeymoon about to take a dramatic turn for Days of Our Lives’ newlywed couple Johnny and Chanel? Their decision to vacation at the secluded Horton cabin has fans worried, as visits to remote Salem locales often lead to chaos – fires, possessions, kidnappings and hostage situations seem to come with the territory.

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One popular fan theory is that Johnny and Chanel will cross paths with the villainous Clyde and Goldman, who could be lying low at the cabin. It would explain why the wealthy couple is honeymooning in a rustic family cabin, playing into the Weston family’s affinity for cabins.

While a dangerous encounter could go as disastrously as previous Salem cabin capers, like Wendy and Tripp’s hostage ordeal, there’s also an exciting potential upside. Johnny and Chanel taking down the criminal masterminds could finally give the couple a chance to be heroes instead of playing supporting roles to family dramas.

Johnny securing a major win against his family’s longtime tormentor Clyde could be the making of him, inspiring him to follow his father John into the PI business. A brush with death could also reignite the adventurous spirits Johnny and Chanel previously showed when facing off against villains like Dr. Rolf.

It could kick off an exciting new chapter for the younger characters, who have felt rather aimless lately beyond fawning over each other. An encounter with danger is exactly what Johnny and Chanel need to snap out of their humdrum patterns and rekindle the fires that once made them compelling schemers.

They’re not the only couple who could use a reinvigoration either. Johnny and Chanel’s friends Tripp and Wendy also recently bonded over their near-death experience. What if the two couples joined forces on daring exploits, reminiscent of the good old days of Salem’s iconic supercouples?

All four characters have displayed flashes of grit, from Wendy chasing bad guys for the Salem PD to Tripp’s dark side emerging when he wanted to kill Kayla. Even strait-laced Johnny and Chanel were once ruthless schemers willing to do whatever it took to get what they wanted.

These characters are far too layered and complex to be reduced to constantly pining for their loved ones. As the prospective new generation of Salem leading couples, they need storylines that highlight their skills and test their moral fiber.

A cabin showdown could be the catalyst to finally unlock their full potential. By emerging victorious against deadly threats, Johnny, Chanel, Tripp and Wendy could bond like never before over their shared triumphs. Instead of relationships defining them, the experience could inspire lives of intrigue and derring-do reminiscent of their iconic parents and grandparents.

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In one fell swoop, the couples could dispatch despicable foes Clyde and Goldman while reclaiming their individual identities and unlimited potential. No longer forced to twiddle their thumbs on the sidelines, they could take ownership of their legacies and propel themselves into Salem’s next era of power couples.

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After doubters questioned if Johnny and Chanel’s whirlwind romance could last, an explosive adventure like this is exactly the catalyst they need to go the distance. Their cabin honeymoon turning disastrous could be the making of “Janel,” Tripp, Wendy and the entire next generation of supercouples in Salem.

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