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How many episodes of Days of Our Lives?

Days Of Our Lives is the sole soap opera on NBC since the discontinuation of Passions in 2007. And since then a lot of people have asked how many episodes of Days of Our Lives, Let’s find out through this article.

What are Days Of Our Lives?

The Hortons, DiMeras, and Brady families, who live in a fictional Midwestern suburb called Salem, are the focus of the NBC soap opera.

Days Of Our Lives Like other soaps often deal with family, love marriage, adultery, divorce as well as death and sex.

The majority of the show’s ongoing story episodes have featured characters in lengthy love triangles that are tragic or who have secrets that could harm them or their loved family members.

The cast has changed repeatedly since the show’s inception in 1965, with numerous actors leaving and then returning.
Since the show’s beginning from the beginning until 2007. Frances Reid, who played the matriarch Alice Horton, was a regular. the sketch comedy show SCTV along with The sitcom Friends have been a pair of parodies of the show.

The sketch comedy series SCTV and the sitcom Friends have both parodied the show.

How many episodes of Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives has aired 56 seasons and almost 14,000 episodes since its inception more than 50 years ago.

General Hospital, Coronation Street, The Tonight Show, and Guiding Light are the only other television shows with more seasons than Days Of Our Lives.

Aunt Paulina Prince, played by Jackée Harry, was introduced as the series’ newest character in February 2021.

She remarked in a video introducing her new role: “I’m fearless, fabulous, and you can bet I’ll cause havoc! Let’s get started!”

In the march 1st 2021 episode of the soap the actress who is funny made her debut in the soap’s daytime as a new character.

Harry 64 is most well-known for her role in her role on the NBC TV series 227 as Sandra Clark, Mary Jenkins the sultry antagonist and on ABC’s The TV sitcom on the WB Sister, Sister as Lisa Landry.

Paulina is connected with the Carver family via an unrelated cousin, and travels back to Salem for a reunion with family members.

“Paulina is a Miami real estate entrepreneur who clearly likes the good life, and she has lots of secrets that will be revealed in due course,” Soaps in Depth adds.

“But she’s only in Salem to see her niece’s new baby and get to know the family… especially Abe, the guy who raped her sister!”

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Paulina will be an eccentric, colorful character who will offer plenty of drama.

Paulina will cause a stir in Salem, and she will almost certainly become Abe’s new love interest.


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