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How Old Is Carly On General Hospital?

Spoilers for General Hospital reveal Laura Wright’s Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is the epitome of “ride or die chic.” She’ll do anything for her husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and her family, her beloved ones, and of obviously, the ‘family business that is maintaining the streets that are rife with crime in Port Charles clean.

However, she’s lived for long enough in the fictional town to have seen enough loss, heartbreak and grief, melancholy and despair to know that it’s better not to be in the wrong place on the tracks. But there have also been plenty of excellent days, with plenty of happy memories in between. But, because Carly has been on the show for so long, many fans can’t help but wonder: how strong is Carly’s grip on General Hospital? Fortunately, we have the solution right here!

How old is Carly on General Hospital?

Carly Corinthos is, without a doubt, a very attractive woman. IIt’s not a surprise to learn that Sonny as well as Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) have fought for her many years. This, along with her “best buddy” Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) who will not leave the side of her.

Carly’s stunning blue eyes, megawatt style, and flawlessly coiffed blonde hair all contribute to her stunning attractiveness. Carly has the “mob’s wife” look down to a T, according to many General Hospital viewers. There’s never a time when she doesn’t appear gorgeous all over. But, she does it in a subtle manner.

Carly Corinthos was born in Jacksonville, Florida on November 5, 1973. The daughter is of the late lawyer John Durant and Bobbie Spencer who had a one-night meeting and then was pregnant. She had never imagined herself in the situation she is in now, let alone married to a crime leader. Nonetheless, she is present. Carly Corinthos is 47 years old, and while that may seem like a youthful age for someone who has seen so much (including the murder of her son, Morgan Corinthos), she still has a lot of life ahead of her.

Carly Corinthos Was An Adult When She Arrived – GH Spoilers

Carly was 22 years old when she came at Port Charles from General Hospital. Carly was mature enough to see the ruses she was using, but she was adamant about getting her way. For years, Carly was the girl whom everyone despised. Carly, on the other hand, had mostly redeem herself after a while. Carly’s biggest battles were with ladies who were involved with Jason. When Sam became pregnant with Sonny’s daughter, Jason planned to marry Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to salvage Carly’s marriage.

Carly Corinthos Survives And Thrives In GH Spoilers

Plus, if Carly has survived some of the challenges she has faced in the past, she is undoubtedly capable of facing her future front on. Keep an eye on this place because we have a feeling Carly has a lot in store for her, especially as she approaches the next decade of her life.

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