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How Old Is Sonny On General Hospital?

How old is Sonny on General Hospital? Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) of General Hospital has been Port Charles “dimpled dawn” since 1993. But how old do we consider the G.H. legend? How did Sonny get to be the mob boss he is now?

How old is Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital?

Sonny’s birthday has been modified multiple times since he first appeared on General Hospital. Mike Corbin (ex-Max Gail) stated the year 1995 as the date Sonny was born in the year 1965. Sonny’s arrest report from March 2012 identified his birthday as being on April 20 in 1969. The most recent alteration occurred after Sonny died. Sonny was born on April 20, 1968, according to his gravestone. According to the most recent statistics, Sonny will be 54 years old in September 2021.

Mike offered Sonny his half-sister who passed away in. Sonny was also a half brother, who had gone to the other side of town. Sonny was involved in crime syndicates since he was 16 years old. After Mike abandoned the family, Sonny had a difficult time. Sonny’s mother got married as did his mother were assaulted through his Stepfather. Sonny’s mother died due to the actions of his stepfather. Sonny’s mother eventually perished at the hands of his stepfather. To revenge his mother’s death, Sonny enlisted the aid of the mob. Sonny’s job has almost cost him his life on countless occasions.

The Mob Is Taken Over By Sonny Corinthos

Sonny worked for Joe Scully Sr. (Robert Miano), the man who murdered his stepfather. Sonny, on the other hand, killed Joe and took over his domain. Since the stepfather of his was an police officer, Sonny has never had confidence in the justice system. Sonny took over the Paradise Lounge in Port Charles in 1993. The strip clue was eventually shut down for allowing underage females to strip there. Sonny later aided Frank Smith’s organization’s Luke Spencer (Tony Geary). Sonny was shot after assisting Frank in his escape from prison.

Jason Morgan Befriends Sonny Corinthos

Sonny from General Hospital was familiar with Jason Quartermaine (ex-Steve Burton). Sonny befriended Jason after he rebelled against his family. After the Quartermaines took away the money he earned, Jason finally started working for Sonny as he was in need of work.

Following his shooting, Jason observed Sonny and Carly as they slept together while Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) took care of him. After that, Jason worked for Sonny for years and even took over the company on many occasions. Jason was assumed dead for five years before reappearing and returning to Sonny’s employ. On a quest to help his brother escape Cassadine Island, Jason was murdered. Jason initially referred to Sonny as an instructor.

Jason originally referred to Sonny as a mentor. Sonny has also been referred to as Jason’s brother. Despite the fact that Sonny and Jason are a few years apart in age, Sonny is presently 54 years old.

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