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Kristen Drops a Bomb on Gwen — Who Is Way Ahead of Her — While Theresa Gets Her Own Surprise In Greece

Friday, September 15, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Gwen toys with Leo then shocks Kristen, Gabi and Stefan blackmail Dimitri, Maggie declares war on Vivian, and Theresa crashes Alex and Brady’s trip.

Theresa comes to Alex’s hotel room door in Athens, Greece. She’s there to help with his and Brady’s investigation, but he tells her to use his corporate card to book herself a flight home. When he goes to take a shower, Brady comes to the door. Theresa answers, leading Brady to explode. She insists Alex invited her to help with their mission. He doesn’t buy it, but Theresa thinks Alex sees something in her that Brady doesn’t. He warns her not to play her mind games. She wonders if he’s jealous.

Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed so they can decide if they will out Dimitri’s affair with Leo. Gabi even has confirmation after finishing her game of 20 questions with Rachel. They decide to extort Dimitri for every DiMera share that belongs to him and his “mommy.”

Julie comes to see Maggie, who tells her Victor’s service was lovely, but they had an uninvited guest. “Who?” Julie wonders. “That would be me,” Vivian declares, revealing herself. Vivian riles Julie up, mentioning Eli and Lani’s twins, and demands Maggie kick her to the curb. Vivian happily explains it’s no longer Maggie’s house. Speaking of, Justin and the others packed up last night. Now it’s Maggie’s turn.

As Julie learns what happened, Maggie shouts that Victor was her husband in every way that mattered. “Except legally,” Vivian deadpans. Vivian has errands to run and expects them to be gone when she returns. If not, she’ll call the cops.

Kristen finds Dimitri loading up a plate at the continental breakfast in the DiMera living room. When she frets about him convincing the von Leuschner lawyer his marriage to Gwen is legit, Dimitri assures his aunt it’s all taken care of. Admitting it sounds like a bad SNL skit, he recounts Leo dressing up like Gwen for the lawyer who took pity on their plight. He alludes to the fact that he’s in love with Leo, but backtracks and says it only matters that the lawyer believed it — which he did and released the funds. Kristen wonders where her cut is. Dimitri hedges. He only got one installment, and he has expenses, so her cut is on hold. Kristen threatens to tell Gwen everything if he double-crosses her.

Gabi and Stefan enter, wondering what Kristen will tell Gwen. Before they can offer up an explanation, Vivian waltzes in. Stefan’s and Gabi’s jaws drop, but then Vivian starts in on Gabi. She zings her about Nick, leading Gabi to zing her about Carly. Vivian recoils at the von Leuschner reference, prompting Dimitri to wonder who Vivian is and what her problem with the von Leuschners is.

She holds out her hand to him, introducing herself as Vivian Alamain. Dimitri’s face falls upon hearing her last name. He tells her Carly is his cousin, which makes him a von Leuschner — and her sworn enemy. Vivian makes a quick retreat. Kristen follows suit, but Stefan and Gabi don’t let Dimitri off so easy. They tell him they know he’s having an affair with Leo. They’ll keep his secret, but they have conditions.

When Alex comes out of the shower, Brady asks him if he invited Theresa there. Alex insists he didn’t. Theresa yada yadas over him, suggesting they go solve the mystery of Victor’s final days. Brady declares there is no way in hell she’s going with them. When Theresa makes it clear she’s not going home, Brady orders her not to follow them. Once the cousins are gone, Theresa orders food and booze to Alex’s room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Julie urges Maggie to fight Vivian. She invites her back to the Horton House so they can plan her next move. When Vivian returns, Maggie warns the war is just beginning. Turning on her heel, she follows Julie out. “To the victor go the spoils, Maggie,” Vivian purrs to herself.

Gwen comes to Leo’s hotel room to pointedly gush about how amorous married life is. A seething Leo does his best to feign happiness for her until he can’t take it anymore. He yells at her to shut up. He quickly apologizes, explaining he’s jealous because he’s alone. Gwen is sure he’ll meet someone as wonderful as her Dimitri. After detailing the crotchless teddy she must go try on for her husband, Gwen leaves Leo to stew over what kind of game Dimitri is playing.

Assuming room service has arrived, Theresa opens the hotel room door. “Oh my God,” she says, staring at whoever is on the other side.

Brady and Alex meet Konstantin at the restaurant to ask about his last meeting with Victor.

As Stefan and Gabi privately gloat over having Dimitri right where they want him, Dimitri high-tails it to Leo’s hotel room. Before Dimitri can share his emergency, Leo yells at him for two-timing him with his wife. “You ridiculously handsome dirtbag!”

When Kristen finds Gwen in the DiMera living room, she says Dimitri forced her hand. She regrets to tell her that he’s having an affair with Leo. “Oh, Kristen,” Gwen slyly says. “I already knew that.”

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