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Potential New General Hospital Pairing Has Fans Taking Sides in a Big Way

Robert and Diane? Never saw that one coming.

Did General Hospital just sneak in a new supercouple in the making right when we were expecting a redo of a supercouple past? Many a viewer seemed to think so after recent scenes between Tristan Rogers’ Robert and Carolyn Hennesy’s Diane. Many a viewer also loved the idea.

“Just reading through some of the tweets regarding Diane/Robert,” Hennesy wrote on November 8. “Love that you love this pairing.

“Utterly respect his love for Holly,” she hastened to add, “but seriously, this actress’ fingers are crossed!”

Loads of fans were right there with her. “I fell for it hook, line and sinker,” said Grace Anne. “It’s a testament to [Hennesy’s] abilities… [Plus,] I’m a sucker for a heartsick underdog.”

Lisa called Diane and Robert “the pairing we never knew we needed” and said that her fingers were crossed, too. “Cheryl Quartermaine” marveled at Rogers and Hennesy’s “serious on-screen chemistry,” remarking that that “lingering hand in the elevator was ember hot.

“Love Emma [Samms’] Holly, but she’s based in England,” she went on. “Robert needs love closer to home. There’s no doubt that you two can show the kids how to set Port Charles on fire.”

On the flipside, Robert/Holly shippers pushed back. Hard. Nope, “I cannot get behind Diane/Robert,” wrote Michael T. “Holly is his true love. I think [Diane and Robert] could have a nice friendship only.”

Celestine insisted that “it is always Holly and only Holly… We all know Robert is a playboy without Holly. Enjoy your friendship with Diane, but prepare yourself for the Holly story.”

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