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Shot Through the Heart: General Hospital Lays the Groundwork for a Massive Couples Shake-Up

A single gunshot may have put not one or two but three General Hospital couples in the line of fire. Because does anyone really think that Valentin is going to forgive Anna for putting a bullet in his beloved daughter Charlotte? Show of hands? No one? That’s what we thought, too.

And if “Vanna” is as good as done, at least for the moment, to whom would he turn? Obviously Nina, who loves Charlotte like a daughter and is aware of just how troubled she is — moreso than Anna, for that matter. As the exes work together to get the teenager’s head screwed back on straight, the clock is also ticking on Nina’s marriage.

Obviously, at some point, Sonny is going to learn that it was his bride who put Carly on the radar of the SEC. He’ll rant and rave about betrayal a bit, and that will be that. The couple’s marriage will be one of the shortest on record, Nina will console herself in Valentin’s arms, and Sonny will say to Carly the three words that she’s been dying to hear: “You were right.”

True to form, Carly will vow revenge on her successor and stock up on salt to rub in Sonny’s wounds. Then, after months of insisting that this changed nothing between her and her former husband, she will find herself drawn to him yet again.

Let’s be real — she always is!

That, in turn, means that Carly will have to break it off with Mr. Nice Guy Drew. She loved that he was everything that Sonny isn’t: stable, reliable, sensible. The trouble is, what she really craves is what Sonny is: volatile, unpredictable, passionate.

Seeing that Drew has been dumped, Sam might step in to help out her old flame, maybe try to set him up on a date or two — in the process, remembering how wonderful he is. She’s happy with Dante, but would she be happier with Drew? She’d have to ask herself — thereby playing the logical triangle that we expected to play out when Cameron Mathison took over as Jason’s twin brother.

Who do you hope winds up with whom when the dust settles?

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