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Surprise Exit? Days of Our Lives Shows [Spoiler] the Door

Well, we guess this love triangle is over practically before it even began! Because it looks like we may already know whether Talia or Johnny are going to win Chanel’s heart on Days of Our Lives! So far, Johnny hasn’t even really done all that much to get back with the woman he loves, mostly just sitting back while Talia and Chanel tentatively begin to date. But we guess that’s the winning strategy for him!

When Aketra Sevillian posted a montage of videos with the simple caption “Lately,” doing everything from dancing and driving to hiking and riding thrill rides, Arianne Zucker (Nicole) chimed in with a bit of a surprise in the comments.

“Why you are still not on our show is beyond me,” she exclaimed. “You are a beautiful light! To bigger and better!”

Already?! Talia just got a brand-new job at the hospital! And we all know Salem could always use more doctors. Just when Kayla and Tripp thought they could catch a break, we guess they’re back on-call pretty much 24/7 again!

There’s no word yet on how long Talia will still be around since the show shoots about six months in advance. While Sevillian may be out, her character could, potentially, still be airing for some time. So even though we know she and Chanel aren’t going to end up together, there’s still plenty of room for twists and turns before she’s gone.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any more news as we get it!

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