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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 7 – 11

In Soapscafe.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, November 7, through Friday, November 11, it’s all about what our favorites keep secret and what they choose to reveal. In Hope’s case, she suddenly has a vested interest in keeping Liam in the dark about “something” that transpires between her and Thomas. In Ridge’s case, he’s ready to shout his news from the rooftops… although rather than do so, he sends Carter over to Brooke’s to lower the boom. Read on, and we’ll give you the lowdown on what’s up.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 7

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 7:

Why do we want to read this spoiler like it was a fortune cookie and add “in bed” at the end? Bill reminds Brooke how good they were together. Will the Stallion convince her to ride off into the sunset with him?

As Brooke contemplates drastic action, Katherine Kelly Lang rustles up an unforgettable night with her grandchildren.

Hope and Thomas share an unexpected moment after the success of the fashion preview. Um, unexpected to whom? Maybe to them, but we’re all predicting that, despite their icksome past, they’re going to kiss.

Because what could possibly be safer than taking the fugitive back to the restaurant at which she used to work — and where she nearly murdered her son and his wife! — Deacon surprises Sheila with a romantic date night at Il Giardino. Maybe her insanity is rubbing off on him.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 8:

Though Liam offers Hope a mea culpa and an explanation for his recent behavior, it may be too little, too late, considering what happened on Monday.

Coincidentally, Thomas garners insight into his future with Hope. Guess that means he has one?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 9:

Wanna bet we’re heading for a “Tridge” wedding? That’s what we suspect Ridge will be announcing when he shares important news with an elated Thomas and Steffy.

“Girls just wanna have fun!” As the CBS soap returned to the runway, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood put on a fashion show of her own.

Yup, it’s gotta be a “Tridge” wedding, because in that same episode, Brooke is blindsided when she learns (divorce) the reason (divorce) for Carter’s (divorce) visit (divorce).

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 10:

Has Hope developed a poker face when we weren’t paying attention? For her sake, she’d better have because she’s keeping a substantial secret from Liam.

Tormented and heartbroken, Brooke begs Ridge for answers. Really, thought, she’d probably do just as well pleading with a brick wall.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 11:

Never one to leave well enough alone, Thomas doubles down on his evil manipulation of Brooke and Ridge. Did he not notice how well that worked out for Sheila?

Could “outside forces” be at work again? A determined Brooke reveals an unsettling theory to Hope.

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