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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers October 17 – 21

In Soapscafe.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, October 17, through Friday, October 21, Brooke’s fan club devolves into a debate club, Carter seeks answers that, even if he gets, he may not like, and Katie takes steps toward what we suspect we’ll be calling “Karter.” And if you read on, we’ll go over the details of these spoilers and more!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 17

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 17:

Here… we… go. Carter confesses the truth about Quinn to Katie. But will it be the dire truth we predicted?

Whatever Carter says to Katie, it prompts her to make an unexpected move — perhaps by pointing her lips at his and beginning a new romance?

Mystery surrounds the return of a Bold & Beautiful troublemaker — and we have a couple of theories as to why he’s back, do you?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 18:

When Katie and Carter share a flirty exchange, can it be leading anywhere but to a new romance? Please, may they at least hurt each other less than Bill and Quinn did!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, October 19:

Steffy and Thomas make a big announcement. Perhaps since they consider their efforts to reunite their parents to be such a roaring success, they’re going to give up the fashion biz and open their own matchmaking service?

A lot of people have strong feelings about whether chili has or doesn’t have beans. So we suppose it can come as little surprise that things get, shall we say, heated between Bill and Deacon. On second thought, ya know what? They might be arguing about Brooke, not chili. Yeah, that makes more sense.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 20:

Unable to just let Quinn walk out of his life and never know why, Carter turns to Shauna for answers. Will his ex’s BFF be able to give him the closure that he so desperately needs?

The whopper of a frame job that Thomas pulled didn’t just torpedo Brooke’s marriage. It also did irreparable damage to another character.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 21:

Why anyone would trust him farther than they could throw him, we can’t imagine. Nonetheless, Justin manages to work a deal at Forrester Creations.

Bless her heart, Katie likes to be direct, and today is no exception. She makes her intentions toward Carter clearer than the glassware at Il Giardino.

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