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The Bold & Beautiful Twist That Will *Finally* Level the Playing Field Between Thomas and [Spoiler]

Bold & Beautiful viewers may not even have noticed the sea change that took place in the most recent installment of the soap, but we’re predicting that the oh-so-subtle twist is a sign of the tables turning between Thomas and one of his haters.

Despite Thomas not appearing in Monday’s episode of Bold & Beautiful, what went down led us to believe that the writers are taking his nemesis down a road that would significantly level the playing field between them. It would mean a huge shift in the dynamic moving forward, and it could impact Thomas and Hope’s relationship and the way that other characters view it.

While Brooke has long been one of Thomas’s detractors, not without good reason, it’s not Hope’s mother we’re referring to, although what happens next could have her re-evaluating her long-held opinions in the future.

If you watched the Monday, November 13 episode of Bold & Beautiful, you’ll have noticed they picked up where they left off with Liam at the cliff house lobbying Steffy to dump her husband and give him another chance.

Of course, this guy, however much Steffy loves him, totally lacks credibility. One would imagine she was rolling her eyes internally even as she smiled indulgently on the outside. Especially when he vowed that if she came back to him, this time he would never let her go again.

Now, we’re used to Liam making his regular flip-flops between Hope and Steffy. Nothing new to see here, right? Wrong.

There was a definite shift in the atmosphere this time. It was subtle, but it was there. By the end of the episode, Steffy was back in Finn’s arms and Liam was alone in his office at Spencer Publications and things took a turn for the… creepy.

After being politely rejected by Steffy for the umpteenth time since before she left for Rome, Liam remained undaunted and vowed to a framed photo of his ex-wife that she would come back to him.

This still may have seemed like business as usual for Liam, but this time it felt different. At this point, Liam crossed a line from being the well-intentioned but annoying Tofu Boy to a man giving off a vibe that was undeniably stalker-like.

As Steffy was at home making out with the husband she’s madly in love with, having left no room for doubt in her resounding rejection of her ex, it became obvious that Liam still wasn’t getting the message — and he made it clear to the universe that he had no intention of taking “no” for an answer.

Liam vowing to continue to pursue a happily married woman who has rejected him multiple times set him on a new path — that of a character obsessed. There was a subtle shift that suggested the writers are transitioning Liam from a well-meaning flip-flopper into a dangerously obsessed ex who will stop at nothing to get the woman he wants. Sound like anyone we know?

As this plays out, we’d expect the tables to turn between Liam and Thomas, who will undoubtedly be put in the position of warning his nemesis to back off as he works to destroy his sister’s marriage.

How far Liam will go to accomplish his obsessive goal remains to be seen. Will he find a way to let Finn know about the kisses Steffy kept secret from her husband? Would he go so far as to team with Deacon to somehow wedge Sheila into Finn’s orbit so Steffy will leave him?

Whatever he does, it’s clear that this new direction they’re taking Liam in will finally level the playing field somewhat with Thomas, who has been stable for a while now. Suddenly, Liam will be the bad guy, the obsessive one who manipulates and won’t take “no” for an answer.

It’s unclear yet whether the writers are gearing up Liam to be a full-on villain with this storyline, but with his voice of reason — his brother Wyatt — gone, there’s really no one to to talk sense to him. His father Bill certainly isn’t that guy — it wasn’t that long ago he blew up a building with Sally and Liam inside of it because he was obsessed with a skyscraper he actually named Skye!

How will we know for sure that Bold & Beautiful has made Liam a villain? It will be official when Brooke changes her opinion of him and stops pressuring Hope to “fight for her marriage”.

We just have one question: Is there a Steffy mannequin lurking at Forrester Creations? ‘Cause we’re concerned.

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