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The Young and the Restless Spoilers October 24 – 28

Asking for a friend: Uh, how high can stakes get? Because in Soaps.com’s latest The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, October 24, through Friday, October 28, they get so high that you’d need a ladder to reach them, and it looks like they’re just going to keep rising! As Phyllis goes from pushing Diane over the edge to seeing if she can do the same with Sally, Billy goes from risking the end of his relationship with Lily to risking the beginning of a new understanding with Chelsea, and Devon goes from taking a knife to his ties with Nate to putting his connection to Amanda under the microscope. And if you read on, we’ll get into the details of these spoilers and more.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, October 21:

In today’s recap, Diane reveals to Jack what Tucker has on her, Kyle and Summer revel in their love, and Tucker toys with Nikki and Talia.

Nikki puts Tucker in the hot seat, which must mean that at some point since his return to Genoa City, he at least briefly got out of it. We were starting to think the hot seat was the only place we’d ever see him!

Knowing that Phyllis shares a secret with Lauren only makes us all the more eager to know what it is ourselves.

After refereeing between their mothers and now dealing with Nick’s involvement with their former tormentor Sally, Kyle and Summer deserve a break — and they get one, too, when they take off to enjoy a romantic getaway.

Young & Restless spoilers week of October 24:

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, October 24:

When Tucker reveals a dangerous plan, we have a hunch that the biggest danger will be… to himself. Everything that he’s up to seems destined to demolish any hopes he has of a future with Ashley and Devon.

Boom-chicka-wow-wow! Abby and Chance make time for romance.

What will Lily’s reaction be as she sizes up the competition? Will the relatively new power player feel up to the challenge before her… or will she begin to wonder what she’s gotten herself into?

His life in pictures: As the son of Michelle Stafford turns 7, look back on precious moments from just wanting to be held to celebrating Mardi Gras with mom’s co-star.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, October 25:

This can’t be good. Since Jack is making a confession to Ashley, can it be anything but that those old feelings for Diane have been reawakened?

Nikki’s never had a whole lot of patience to begin with, and today she loses what little she had.

We have issues with Phyllis’ behavior (read why here), but nonetheless, she keeps pushing, pushing, pushing Diane to the breaking point. Frankly, we don’t blame Diane for breaking, either; we would do!

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, October 26:

Is it the beginning of the end for Lily and Billy? Sure sounds like it could be when he crosses the line with her. Guess it’ll all depend on whether it’s a line that can then be uncrossed!

Just as Lily and Billy are hitting the skids, Adam and Chelsea seem to be reaching a new and improved place in their relationship as co-parents as he supports his ex.

Better late than never, Devon cuts ties with Nate. Good — ’cause he probably would’ve tried to steal Amanda next!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, October 27:

If Nikki is giving Nick tough love, the reason she thinks he needs it is likely his fledgling relationship with Sally. Do those two stand a chance?

Perhaps not. At the same time as Nikki is on Nick’s case, Sally is trying to take the high road with Phyllis. Good luck with that, Sally — Nick’s ex is on a tear this week.

We don’t recall Chelsea ever giving much thought to boundaries. Despite that, Victoria tries to set some with her where Johnny is concerned.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, October 28:

It must be sweater weather in hell, because Adam and Victoria call a truce. Anyone wanna bet whether it lasts all the way till Monday or not?

Off his upset with Lily, Billy lends his support to Chelsea. Could she be getting the second chance with him that had been hoping for?

When Devon opens up about his relationship with Amanda, we could find out how Mishael Morgan’s recent decision is going to impact the couple’s future.

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