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They Do! Why General Hospital’s Sonny and Nina Could Decide It’s a Nice Day for an Orange Wedding

Talk about going up the river without a paddle! Has General Hospital’s Sonny ever been in this much jeopardy before? Legal jeopardy, that is. in The PCPD has little to no problem with him running a criminal enterprise right under their noses and usually whenever a fed comes sniffing around, Sonny just charms them into leaving him alone.

Sure, he’s gotten tossed in prison before, but as Sam told Dante, this time, things are different. This time, Sonny doesn’t have Jason.

On top of that, the Feds are out for blood, and though they’ve clearly got bigger fish to fry than Sonny (ouch) with Pikeman, that doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. Will Sonny get out of this? Of course! That’s what he does! Even if Diane fails, he’ll figure out his own way. But it may take some time. And while it does, someone’s got to keep an eye on his business assets. You know, for all that coffee. The importing and drinking and whatnot.

But what’s he supposed to do without his right-hand man? If Sonny shows too much weakness, the competition could smell blood in the water and come sniffing around for a piece of his empire. Of coffee. (Nothing to see here, Feds! Nothing at all!) He’s going to need help from someone he trusts, and it’ll have to be a quick and easy solution to hand things over. And you know what that means: Wedding bells!

That’s right, it may be time for him and Nina to rush a jailhouse marriage!

It’s not like this would be out of the blue. They’ve been heading for the wedding for some time now, though we were almost certain that Nina ratting Carly out to the SEC would derail it before they made it. But what if, instead, they rush it forward so that Nina can keep an eye on things while Sonny’s detained? Of course, a legally binding marriage wouldn’t just transfer all the illegal activity over to her, but it would be someone to watch over his money and fight the Feds if they try to seize it for leverage against him and maybe keep an informal eye on… all the rest.

We can’t imagine Sonny’s family taking his handing things over to Nina all that well, but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

Of course with Carly, Michael and even Joss uniting to figure out who sold him out, and Nina’s secret hanging over her, things could get really messy if Sonny decides he’s better off with the Corinthos clan and want his backstabbing new wife gone! But that’s a problem for another day. And more importantly, it’s a problem Sonny doesn’t yet know he has.

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