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Thomas Warns Himself Against Obsessing Over Hope, While Liam Keeps Brooke’s Secret

Tuesday, October 18, 2022: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie and Carter have a lot to talk about, Liam is keeping a secret from his wife, and the truth comes to light about Hope and Thomas’ kiss.

Tuesday’s episode kicked off exactly where we thought it would, with Thomas “flashing back” to his kiss with Hope… and then telling himself to stop fantasizing about Liam’s wife. That’s right, the cliffhanger kiss was a dream sequence. (Somewhere, Kathy Bates’ Misery character is shouting, “That’s a cheat! That’s not what cockadoodee happened!) Steffy enters and, after discussing work for about six seconds, they dance on the grave in which Brooke’s marriage has been buried.

Steffy teases Thomas, acting as if she doesn’t like the Hope for the Future collection. Then they go back to talking about the events which unfolded in Aspen. “After all these years, our parents are finally back together,” she exclaims. Things are, they agree, looking up for their family, what with Finn back and their parents reunited. “Good things happen to good people,” she declares, babbling about people with dignity and integrity as Thomas tries not to look terribly guilty for the stunt he pulled with CPS.

Thomas says the future is so much brighter for the family now that Ridge and Taylor are together again. “We’re finally whole again,” agrees Steffy. Thomas acknowledges that Hope and Brooke are probably not feeling quite as celebratory.

When Hope arrives at the cottage, Liam admits that while he respects his wife burning the midnight oil, he wishes she wasn’t burning it with Thomas. Pushing that aside, Hope suggests they go check on her mom. Meanwhile, a still-weeping Brooke clutches a photo of herself with Ridge to her chest even as she recalls begging Liam to let her numb the pain with booze and him preventing her from doing so. “What happened to us?” she laments.

Brooke is grateful to have Hope and Liam swing by, admitting, “I don’t know why Ridge left me for Taylor.” (Something tells me this will be the new “Why did I drink?”, so get ready to hear it uttered… a lot.) The babysitter calls, causing Hope to excuse herself as Liam moves closer to Brooke and they whisper conspiratorially about the fact that she very nearly drank. “It was a moment of weakness that will never happen again,” she promises, and Liam agrees to keep his wife in the dark about her mom’s moment of weakness.

Hope hangs up the phone and immediately senses she missed something. “What’s going on?” she asks her husband and mom.

Carter flashes back to the kiss he and Katie shared just as she enters the room looking for her phone. Their hands touch, and you can sense the sparks flying. She claims to have come by to thank him for boosting her budget, but before she can beat a hasty retreat, he asks if they can talk. No, no, not about work (of course!). She asks if Quinn reached out, and he makes it clear he doesn’t expect that to happen. They exchange flirty banter about the kiss they shared. “I don’t usually kiss my friends like that,” she teases.

They rehash the reasons that Quinn left (which still make no sense), and Katie pushes down her hatred of Quinn to try and be supportive. “Maybe the two of you were meant to be together at that moment in time,” she suggests. They each admit they’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. He kicks himself for having walked away from Paris in order to be with Quinn, who dumped him. (Nah, dude, you made the right call there. And you know it, or you’d be hanging out with Paris right now, not Katie!) Katie again points out that Carter will find someone who appreciates all he has to offer. “And you know,” she says, “there’s a lot to appreciate!” She lists his attributes, including that he is “freakishly fit” and sexy. “And you’re sexier still because you don’t realize what a catch you are.”

In the final moments, Katie says Carter’s a catch. “Catch and release,” he sighs. Then it’s his turn to compliment her, saying she has a beautiful smile “and the best laugh I’ve ever heard.” Having established a mutual admiration society, Carter admits that Katie means a lot to him.

Steffy acknowledges it’s probably “a cryfest” over at Brooke’s, saying she feels bad for them. Despite Steffy saying she “honestly” feels bad, I’m thinking that’s a tad insincere given that the next words out of her mouth are that Brooke will just have to “get over it.” Over at Brooke’s place, she’s finding it tough to do that, once again asking herself why Ridge ran off to Aspen and hooked up with Taylor. “Why? Why is this happening?” she weeps as Hope pulls her into a hug. And we end, of course, on Thomas, flashing back to exactly why Ridge left as he recalls making the call to CPS with the voice-altering app…

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