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Wakey Wakey: Days of Our Lives’ Peter Reckell Hints at a Bo Comeback

We’re getting closer and closer to a year since Days of Our Lives’ Bo made his grand return with a new personality and a new outlook on life — only to immediately fall into a coma the moment he returned to himself. While fans got a Bo back, they didn’t get their Bo. It wasn’t quite the return everyone had been waiting for, but that just meant that there was room for an even bigger return. If he ever woke up from his coma.

So are we finally getting closer to it? If Peter Reckell had his way, the answer, most likely, would be yes! When a fan put together a clip homage to Bo on his TV birthday, Reckell wasted no time in sharing it and making one thing perfectly clear.

“I have been darn lucky to play such a character,” he tweeted. “Thanks to all of you who have helped keep him alive. Hope he wakes up soon.”

Ditto! And it’s not the first time Reckell’s pushed for a Bo return — but would he come back without Hope?

Because in a recent interview, while Reckell was very much open to making a return — as you can see above! — Kristian Alfonso was far less eager to get back to Salem. So did “Bope” reunite only to part ways again? It wouldn’t, of course, be the first time that Bo was back in Salem without Hope, but after all the buildup to the reunion, it would be a big shift.

With that said, the Kiriakis family is in flux right now with Alex (unwittingly) masquerading as Victor’s heir while we wait for the family to learn the news that it’s actually Xander. Throwing Bo into the mix could shake things up even more. Historically, he hasn’t wanted to embrace his Kiriakis heritage too deeply, but that changed briefly after Megan’s brainwashing. Would he go back to Bo Brady when he woke up, or still want to embrace a bit more Kirakis?

Either way, with or without Hope, there’s plenty for Bo to do in Salem, so here’s hoping Reckell is right and he wakes up soon.

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