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Wellness Wednesday: Michael Graziadei Raising Twins

Michael Graziadei says communication is key in a family relationship.

On The Young and the Restless, Michael Graziadei plays Daniel Romalotti, a father to daughter Lucy. Off-screen, “Graz,” as the actor is affectionately called by members of the Y&R family, has twin sons. The actor recently chatted with we for Wellness Wednesday on how he and partner Lauren handle raising two little ones.

Michael Graziadei — Raising Twins

Everyone needs sleep, and Graziadei says that that hasn’t been a problem even though he has two infant sons. “I have to tell you,” he shares. “We were very fortunate. The universe decided to play this awesome joke and give us two kids at once!” The boys are named Oliver Bear and Arlo Wilde, and they are every parent’s dream. “At 3 1/2 or 4 months, they started to both go to bed at 7 p.m., and they don’t get up till 7 a.m.!”

It’s the other 12 hours a day that keep Graziadei and the boys’ mother, Lauren, busy! To get through it and to get things accomplished, Graziadei says that communication is key. “Parenting with Lauren just comes down to reworking our schedules and knowing not only what needs to be done to take care of the kids, but also knowing what the other needs as partners in this endeavor,” the actor says.

It’s Time to Pump! You Up!

Graziadei quips that now that he’s back on daytime drama, he might end up having to take his shirt off for some bedroom scenes, so morning trips to the gym are key. However, he accomplishes a lot before hitting the weights. “I wake up early in the morning before Lauren gets up,” Graziadei says. “I make their breakfasts, make hers, and also mine. I get the kids out of bed, and I get the dogs fed and out before she gets up.”

Next, Lauren steps in and takes over so Graziadei can do two of his go-to exercises — jogging and practicing yoga. “You want to make sure you get the rest you need and that you also do self-care,” he says. “They’re both very important.”

Also key is diet, the actor offers. “It’s like 80% diet,” he says. “The minute I start eating the way I’m supposed to [I see positive changes].”

Michael Graziadei Travels a Two-Way Street

Being there for each other for the little things and the big things in life help contribute to a successful relationship, Graziadei adds. “[Lauren] had a family matter happen when the boys were about 3-months-old,” he recalls. “Her family was in Austin [Texas], and I said, ‘You go and be with your family. I’m pretty sure I can handle the two of them.’ They’re potatoes at that point! All they did was sleep and lay around.”

About a week later, Lauren returned to Graziadei and their kids, a clean house, and, as “Graz” quips, “Nothing was on fire!” He adds, “It’s just communication. You say to [your significant other], ‘Hey, I’ve got X,Y, and Z on such and such a day,’ so the other won’t schedule something.”

Graz hasn’t expressed an interest in directing (that we’re aware of!), but he does set up these adorable Instagram posts with his twin sons. Does he have fun with his social media account? “I have a lot of fun with these kids and these posts,” he says.


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