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What happened to Finn on Bold and The Beautiful?

Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan is a recent character on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, so fans were naturally fascinated when his backstory was revealed piece by piece. Of course, viewers will remember his actor, Tanner Novlan, from his highly successful Liberty Mutual ads, in which he plays a failing actor who is battling with his ad lines! In the real world, Novlan lives with the former B&B actress Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin)! Novlan was a daytime star when he made his debut in July 2020 but his run was abruptly cut short in April 2022 after Finn passed away tragically

Steffy Forrester was out on a motorcycle ride when she was struck by Bill Spencer’s car, resulting in her in the hospital, where the stunning young ER doctor John Finnigan did some tests and assured a scared Bill of her being safe. Finn concentrated on his patient while Steffy’s visitors came and went, bringing drama with them. After Steffy was discharged, he went to her house to tell her that he lived nearby and planned to pass over her paperwork in person.

Unfortunately, Steffy persisted in continuing to remain in agony, and Finn was hesitant to give her any more pills because she was clearly getting addicted. Steffy admitted to having feelings for the dashing doctor, but it wasn’t simply a ruse to receive a fresh prescription. Finn assisted her in getting into treatment so she could get clean since they had truly fallen in love.

Finn then started seeing Steffy and was concerned about her relationship with Liam. When Thomas Forrester needed emergency brain surgery, he was also treated by him. When Steffy admitted that she was pregnant, but wasn’t sure who her father was since she had slept with Liam the night before, Finn’s concerns proved to be true.. Finn screamed at Liam, wondering if Steffy was actually dedicated to their relationship or simply looking for her ex. Finn agreed to stay after Steffy expressed her true regret and stated that she wanted the baby to be his. Even after the paternity test revealed Liam was the father of the child.

When Finn saw Thomas interrogating his alleged buddy about the DNA test, the two men convinced the lab worker to reveal that he’d tampered with the findings so Thomas might have a shot with Hope. Finn was overjoyed and went to locate Steffy before she departed for Paris to propose. She didn’t want to have him raise another man’s child, but she swiftly agreed when he announced she was pregnant!

Finn was by Steffy’s side as she gave birth to their baby, whom they named Hayes, in their house. They agreed to marry right away, and when Finn introduced his future fiancée to his father, Jack Finnegan, he confessed that he had been adopted. Li, Finn’s mother, attended the lovely wedding ceremony, but the reception was marred by the presence of Sheila Carter, who exposed herself to be Finn’s biological mother!

Finn was naturally intrigued about his mother, despite everyone’s warnings to keep as far away from her as possible. Things became much more confusing when it was found that Jack was his biological father due to an affair between him and Sheila! Steffy sought to put a stop to Sheila’s plots as they escalated out of control, but when Sheila tried to stop her, it was Finn who took the bullet! Sheila shot Steffy as well when she tried to phone 911, then pretended it was a robbery before leaving them to die in the alley. It was too late when Deacon Sharpe found the awful sight and called for aid; he subsequently informed Sheila that her kid had died.

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