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When will NCIS: Sydney premiere on CBS?

CBS won’t be without new episodes of an NCIS series this fall. It’s all about NCIS: Sydney, but when will the new spin-off premiere?

It is still going to be a fairly quiet fall. However, it’s not going to be as NCIS-less as we initially thought. Sure, it wasn’t completely empty as we would have reruns of the OG series, but now we have new episodes of a spin-off series.

CBS has landed the rights to the Australian series, NCIS: Sydney. That’s not surprising considering it was set to air on Paramount+ in Australia. Of course, CBS was going to end up with some licensing rights. We will get it in the fall, but when exactly? Here’s everything you need to know.

When is the NCIS: Sydney premiere on CBS?

Get Monday, Nov. 13 in your diaries. That’s when the first episode will air live in the United States. The timeslot isn’t that great, but we’ll take it. The episode will air on Monday nights at 10/9c, after the reruns of NCIS. Arguably, starting the night with a new series instead of reruns could have been better, but we’ll let CBS test this out.

The episode will then air on Paramount+ the following day. That’s where it will stream for the season and beyond.

In Australia, you’ll need to get ready a little earlier than that. The episode will be available to stream on Paramount+ Australia on Friday, Nov. 10. It’s not clear where the show is going in other locations. You’ll want to check your own listings.

There are eight episodes to the season. We likely won’t get through all eight episodes before the winter break. Maybe we’ll get four and four? That’s hard to say right now.

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