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Who has been on Young and the Restless the longest?

The young and the Restless The cast has seen a dramatic change throughout the years, however there are certain elements that have remained constant since the show’s beginning.

The CBS soap opera has been running for 42 years.

Who has been on Young and the Restless the longest?

Doug Davidson, who originally appeared on the CBS serial as private investigator Paul Williams in 1978, is the show’s longest-serving cast member.

The actor, 66, has been on the show for over 42 years and has shown no sign of being a goner anytime soon.

Melody, an actress, Thomas Scott comes in second place for the longest-serving member of the Young and the Restless cast.

Scott has portrayed Nikki Newman for 41 years, taking over from Erica Hope, who had played her until 1979.

Who is Doug Davidson?

Davidson was born in Glendale, California, in October 1954. He is currently at 67 years old.

He is best known for his part in the show Young and the Restless, however, he has also been seen in movies like Fraternity Row Mr. Write, and Dreaming of Joseph Lees.

Davidson announced in September of 2018 in September 2018 that he is “not involved” in The Young and the Restless’ new approach to the show.

In the wake of the resignation of the executive producer and head writer Mal Young, CBS announced on February 19, 2019 that Davidson will return to the show in the role of Paul Williams.

What is the premise of Young and the Restless?

Lee Phillip Bell and his late brother, William J. Bell developed the CBS soap opera on television The Young and the Restless.

It started showing half-hour programming five times a week on the 26th of March 1973. It was raised to one hour on February 4, 1980.

The show began in Genoa City, Wisconsin, and followed two major families: the wealthy Brooks family and the poor Foster family.

All the original characters except for Jill Abbott, were written out in the wake of a series castings and defections.

Bell substituted them with two families that included that of the Abbotts as well as Williamses.

Over time, more families were introduced, including the Newmans, Winters, and Baldwin-Fishers.

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