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Why is Rey leaving The Young and the Restless?

Jordi Vlasuso (Rey) has confirmed his departure from The Young and the Restless in March 2022.

The American soap opera focuses on life of Newmans and Abbotts on primetime TV.

Why is Rey leaving The Young and the Restless?

In the year 2018, Jordi Vilasuso made his debut as Rey Rosales on The Young and the Restless

Vilasuso originally announced his departure from the program in March with a statement on his Instagram page.

“Being a part of the Rosales family and playing Rey Rosales was a lovely phase in my career,” Vilasuso remarked.

“I was honored to represent my culture on daytime’s most popular drama and to work with with a talented cast and crew, whom I shall miss much… Others will and have opened when this one shuts.”
Vilasuso and his wife, Kaitlin, were taken aback by the news, as he had recently signed a new deal with the program through October 2021.

“I re-signed for another three years back in October,” Vilasuso told Soaps in Depth. “However, there are six-month periods in these contracts when the show might opt not to re-sign you for the next six months.” So that was the case.”

Vilasuso believed he should have realized his time on the show was coming to an end.

“Perhaps I should have read the signs on the wall.” “The texts I was given were quite basic,” he explained.
It’s unknown why the program let the star leave at this time, but Vilasuso claimed he had no resentment and “nothing but love for the show.”

He stated that the sky is the limit for his future pursuits, saying, “We must accept change and wait to see what unfolds. Because, at the end of the day, it’s an adventure.

“It would be tedious if we knew all the answers!”

On April 19, Vilasuso’s character, Rey Rosales, made his farewell appearance on the show.

It happened during a horrific head-on accident, when Victoria Newman’s car swerved and collided with a tree.

Victoria was injured and, after being revived through Ashland Locke, she recalls another car involved in the crash and is desperate to find out what transpired for the car driver.

“It was someone you knew,” Locke says, adding that there was nothing he could do because the motorist was dead on the spot. Rosales, Rey”

Vilasuso reflected on his early days as Rey Rosales as he quit the show.

Rosales’ capacity to be understanding and walk away from confrontations was something Vilasuso had to get used to, according to him.

“I had to swallow my pride a little bit as an actor performing this part and wonder, ‘Why is he being so understanding?'” Soaps She Knows spoke with Vilasuso. “I had to undertake some serious soul-searching.”

As Rosales fought for Sharon and sought to persuade her to reconsider her decision to return to her ex, Vilasuso noted that “telling impassioned tales” enabled him to develop as an actor.

“… I was ecstatic to be able to accomplish it with characters battling for what they believe in.” There are so many facets to it “he said.

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