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Young & Restless’ Amelia Heinle Has a Surprising Reaction to a Devastating Plot Twist

Sometimes, change is good. And other times, reversing that change can be even better! We aren’t quite sure if Victor’s iron grip on The Young and the Restless‘ Newman Enterprises and all its subsidiaries is always healthy for his family, but one thing is clear: No matter how many times Victor steps away, he’ll always be back!

With that said, we’re pretty sure Victoria isn’t thrilled with her recent demotion to co-CEO. After all, she, of all people is well-aware that with Victor back at the helm, she’ll basically have a title in name only. He’s calling the shots from now on and all her years of loyalty are being brushed aside.

But while Victoria may not be happy with this latest development, Amelia Heinle is another matter! In fact, she even gave us a sneak preview of what was to come last week with an Instagram video that was so joyful, she couldn’t help but dance!

Victoria’s portrayer shared some “Morning moves” in a post, though she wasn’t necessarily celebrating Victor’s return, so much as the return of another Young & Restless staple!

“Good morning,” she exclaimed in the caption. “So happy dad’s picture is back up!”

Oh how sweet it is for that portrait to be back where it belong. It’s almost as sweet as Heinle’s moves! Check them out in her behind-the-scenes video below, and if you think they might look a bit familiar…


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A number of fans were quick to point out one very important detail that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Don Diamont (Bill) also noted: “The Elaine dance from Seinfeld!”

Wow! Well, that’s certainly a… ringing endorsement? All we know is that Heinle’s clearly delighted to have things back as they were, even if that means Victoria’s portrait is headed to storage — for now!

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