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Young & Restless Fans Flip Over the Sight of Victor Newman Doing Something Totally Un-Victor-Like

Most of us have to go grocery shopping, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has your supplies delivered to your doorstep, and often times, we may run into a friend or an acquaintance or two. However, what would you do if you saw The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden (Victor) in the produce section? Would you run up and holler, “Hey, it’s Victor Newman!” or would you just stare in awe at the soap vet who has played the iconic role for over 40 years? Well, fans weighed in after the man in question posted a video of him picking up some supplies on his own.

In the video, with Braeden dressed casually in sweats and captioned, “And they told me I couldn’t shop,” the CBS actor can be seen picking up various items at his grocery store — and after showing some excitement over one particular item, he went through the checkout line and headed out onto the street.


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While The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) joked, “Nice to see that you are stepping it up,” fans rushed into the comments to voice what they would do if they saw Braeden in their local grocery store…

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