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Young & Restless Game-Changer: A Single Kiss Could Tell Us What *All* of Their Futures Hold in Store

Could the reformed schemer be about to get everything she’s been hoping for?

Diane has been working overtime on The Young and the Restless — not at Marchetti but rather at trying to convince those around her that she’s changed and simply just wants the chance to prove herself. Nikki and Phyllis, plus many others, sure as heck don’t believe it, but Jack appears to be coming around to his ex.

The Young & Restless spoilers reveal that on Wednesday, Sept. 28, Diane will make a bold move where Jack is concerned, and in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Susan Walters revealed exactly what her character does…

It all begins to unfold when Diane arrives at the Abbott mansion and asks Jack to give their grandson Harrison a toy from “Dee Dee.” However, Jack can tell that something is bothering Diane, which leads her to confess that “the toy is an excuse to see Jack.” After he invites her in, Diane admits now that Phyllis has claimed to have finally called a truce, it has her wondering if Jack will ever forgive her — will he ever really believe that she has changed?

“It’s one thing that someone can be tolerant enough to be in the same room as you, but being able to forgive is a huge step,” Walters stated.


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