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Young & Restless Just Scared Up New Hope for ‘Ally’ — But as Friends… or More?

Did Adam’s “dad joke” signal a new beginning? Plus, see Connor’s zombie transformation.

There’s no doubt that fans of Young & Restless’ Sally and Adam pairing must have felt twinges of hope after watching their recent interaction in Crimson Lights.

Despite the couple going so far off the rails that she ended up sleeping with his brother, and on the heels of his bust of an attempt to reconcile by locking her on the Grand Phoenix rooftop, Adam managed to get a smile out of Sally when she approached him and his son Connor at the coffee house.

Adding fuel to the fire of fans’ desire to see them reunite, Young & Restless’ official account shared a clip from the scene in Crimson Lights in which Sally compliments Connor’s Halloween costume and Adam teases her by pretending he thought she was directing her compliment toward him.

Young & Restless’ Instagram account captioned the video, “Looks like dad jokes run in the Newman family.😂” If you watch, you’ll see that it confirms Adam did indeed put a grin on his ex’s face.

The clip left fans in the comment section clamoring for the soap to put Adam and Sally back together, especially after seeing how good she was with his son. Young & Restless sharing the special moment on social has to be a good sign, right?!?

Speaking of Connor, it was his cool zombie costume she was admiring and for good reason! Young & Restless make-up artists Stacey Alfano and Orlando Marin did a fabulous job with Judah Mackey’s transformation, which he shared on his social media along with the caption, “Becoming a zombie.” We love the “skelly hands”!


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Do you think Sally and Adam will get back together or will she end up pursuing a relationship with Nick? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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