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Young & Restless’ Mark Grossman Left ‘So Proud of My Dad’ After Witnessing Him Accomplish a Momentous Feat

Normally we see posts of parents expressing just how proud they are of their children for one accomplishment or another, but in a recent Instagram story, it was the total opposite. The Young and the Restless’ Mark Grossman (Adam) took the opportunity to use one of his stories as a way to show the world how proud he was of his dad.

The CBS soap actor posted a photo of the man in question — his pops — standing outside, looking confident as ever, while singing and playing the guitar. And while some might initially think it doesn’t sound like a big deal, because, “Hey, a lot of people do that,” well, here’s the real kicker… apparently, it was his first time — “with no prior experience.”

Grossman couldn’t contain his excitement and stated, “So proud of my dad for teaching himself guitar and getting his ass up in front of strangers to sing with no prior experience.” And the fact that his dad “said he was gonna do it,” Grossman added, “He sure did.”

Last year, Grossman shared a pic with his pops holding a guitar as a way to celebrate Father’s Day, so it appears he’s been learning and practicing on his own for some time.


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Bài viết do Mark Grossman (@mgrossman18) chia sẻ

And a few years before that, he posted another pic with the man he’s so very proud of…


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Bài viết do Mark Grossman (@mgrossman18) chia sẻ

All we can say is… props to the star’s dad for “putting himself out there!”

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