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Young & Restless Preview: Victor Stuns His Children With the Truth — and Nina Gets an Alarming Call

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of November 6 – 10, it’s time for the truth to come out. Read on for the details and watch the video below.

Months ago, Tessa and Mariah began to notice their little girl appeared to be having hearing issues, which seemed solidified when she didn’t react to a violent thunderstorm one night. They took her to a specialist and learned indeed she had a hearing condition, and while there was no permanent cure, there was something that could be done. Next week, Mariah tells Sharon, “Ever since Aria got fitted for her hearing aids we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for them to come in.” Tessa concludes that now that they’re in, they are terrified.

Victor convinced his children he was having memory issues, which quickly convinced them that his health was failing fast. However, his real goal, which he confided in Nikki, was to figure out which of his children he couldn’t trust and would use the opportunity of his health to backstab him and make a move for the company. When Nick got the truth out of him, he went to Victoria with the fact that Victor had run a cruel con on them. When they confronted him, he claimed he admitted nothing and accused them of trying to trick him that he was going out of his mind. He even put Nate to the test as well to see if he’d betray him. Next week, in Victor’s office, he tells Nikki, Nate, Victoria, Nick, and Adam, “The time has come to tell you all the truth.”

After visiting Paul, Christine returned to Genoa City and had to face the fact that her marriage was over, as Paul didn’t love her anymore. With her old flame Danny in town, she began to consider if what they had could be rekindled. Christine was surprised to see Nina had also returned to town, and she opened up to Nina about her relationship drama. Coming up, at Society, Nina is with Christine when she takes a call from the hospital, “Yes, this is Nina Webber. Yes, I’m his mother.” She stands up and asks, “How bad is it?!”

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