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Young & Restless’ [Spoiler] Outfoxes Tucker *and* Scores Key Intel — With ‘Shocking Results’

Young & Restless’ Tucker has been fighting nothing but uphill battles since he returned to Genoa City with an eye to winning Ashley back and getting his hands on one company or another. We can report that things are only going to get more frustrating for McCall when a new development leads him down a road with a shocking conclusion.

Most recently, Tucker’s scheme to upend the Abbott family and takeover Jabot suffered a huge setback when Adam handed Jack dirt on him. As Young & Restless viewers will recall, back when he was still helming McCall Unlimited, there was a scandal involving a recording artist and statuatory rape. Tucker instructed Audra to clean up the mess the PR division had made by covering up the scandal long enough for the musician to finish his tour. Emails between Audra and Tucker were left in the junk folder of McCall’s servers and discovered by Adam when he briefly took over after Victor bought the company.

Adam used the information to get Tucker to back off of Phyllis, who he needed as a tech-savvy employee, and then tried to use it to blackmail Audra into convincing his father to fold Newman Media into McCall. While that backfired when Audra told Victor what was happening, Adam held onto the information for a rainy day.

Having mentioned the dirt he had on Tucker to Billy, it wasn’t long before the Abbotts came a-knocking at Adam’s door looking to purchase the goods. Adam denied Billy, but relented and handed the intel to Jack in return for a future favor.

This helped the Abbotts thwart Tucker’s attack on Jabot, as he was forced to back off and regroup. Taking another avenue, Tucker instructed Audra to get back in good (and in bed) with Kyle Abbott as he searches for another way to breach the Jabot camp.

Still in the mix is Phyllis, who crossed Tucker by becoming Team Jack in order to redeem herself. Tucker knows this because he planted a listening device in the bansai tree he gifted Jack and Diane for their wedding.

Given that Tucker knows Phyllis hacked into the Jabot servers under his direction, thus committing a crime whilst on probation, he is almost certainly planning to tangle with her again, and probably assumes he’ll have the upper hand… but he won’t.

This week, Young & Restless viewers will discover that Phyllis has turned the tables on Tucker, per SOD. We’re not sure why he wouldn’t have anticipated this (we can only assume he’s still off of his game because of what happened with Ashley), but Tucker will learn that the redhead put her considerable hacking skills to good use by digging into his personal computer.

Yep, Phyllis will get the goods on Tucker when she unearths key intel relating to a current Genoa City mystery — who is working with Mamie?

Devon suspects it may be his father, who wanted to get his paws on Chancellor-Winters when he first returned, and even questioned him about a possible connection to the great aunt who purchased Victor’s shares. Tucker denied it, but Phyllis finds evidence of McCall’s connection to Mamie, “One she’s sure he wouldn’t want Lily, Devon, and Jill to know about.”

It’s safe to say that Tucker doesn’t want this key information to be exposed, which will give Phyllis the upper hand — for now.

Head Writer Josh Griffith previewed, “In the coming weeks, we will see these characters engage in a dangerous tug-of-war with shocking results.”

Ooo. We can only speculate at the shocking outcome — either one or both being exposed — or perhaps Phyllis and Tucker will find the game of cat and mouse so thrilling that they’ll end up in the sack together. Bring on “Phucker”!

What do you think will happen after Phyllis tells Tucker she has the goods on him?

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