Mourning Paulina: Will Her Absence Alter the Course of Salem?

As Paulina’s health continues to decline on Days of Our Lives, the iconic character is making preparations for the inevitable. One of those preparations is drafting her last will and testament to ensure her vast fortune is distributed according to her wishes. According to actress Jackée Harry, Paulina’s main priority is securing the future for her beloved grandchildren – the twins.

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“Ultimately it’s the grandbabies, the twins, that’s who’s going to get the money. She wants them to be taken care of because they’re the future,” Harry revealed in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. However, the twins won’t be the only beneficiaries. Harry also teased that Paulina plans to “leave a legacy to the town of Salem” by donating funds to local charitable institutions.

This revelation sparks an intriguing possibility – could Paulina’s generous bequests pave the way for some long-awaited set revamps and expansions in the iconic town of Salem? The timing couldn’t be better, as Days of Our Lives gears up for its 60th anniversary celebration in the coming years.

Just months ago, the prospect of major set overhauls seemed unlikely. That was until the devastating fire that burned down the legendary Horton family home, an event that led to promises of a revamped and more practical new set for the iconic residence. As Susan Seaforth Hayes, who plays Julie Williams, explained, the decision was rooted in practicality – creating sets that are easier and quicker to assemble and dismantle.

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If the show’s creators are committed to modernizing the canvas of Salem, Paulina’s Death could provide the perfect narrative justification. Her charitable donations to honor Salem’s legacy could finance public area facelifts, from the park to the town square, without compromising the cherished heritage represented by the Horton family and other cornerstones of the community.

The potential for expansion doesn’t stop there. The show has already unveiled new establishing shots showcasing a bustling downtown area and a more expansive hospital setting. With an influx of funds bequeathed by Paulina, the possibilities are endless – perhaps fan-favorite locales like Sweet Bits could finally get an interior set, sparing the hard-working Chanel from peddling her baked goods in the harsh winter elements.

As Days of Our Lives approaches its 60th anniversary, this narrative device could be the catalyst for an incredible renovation that pays homage to the show’s iconic history while ushering in a fresh, modernized era. Redesigned sets, resurrected retired locales made practical again with updated construction – the opportunities are vast.

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The irony is palpable when considering Paulina’s original motivations upon arriving in Salem. The real estate mogul aimed to reshape the town’s image by acquiring property around the square, a plan thwarted before Salem became unrecognizable. However, in leaving her fortune to preserve Salem’s “legacy” rather than remake it entirely, Paulina could inadvertently facilitate the revitalization fans have clamored for.

While saying goodbye to a beloved character like Paulina will be bittersweet, her legacy could breathe new life into the canvas she called home. The oak tree may be gone, but its acorns could foster incredible growth in the form of fresh, dynamic sets that propel Days of Our Lives into its next iconic era.

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