Days of Our Lives Fans Desperate for Holly’s Redemption Arc

For months, Days of Our Lives viewers have been eagerly awaiting the moment when Holly wakes up from her overdose coma and finally comes clean about her drug use. Her admission would go a long way towards exonerating Tate, who has been unjustly punished by being sent to a halfway house while the vindictive EJ DiMera seems hellbent on destroying his life. However, Holly’s continued silence and feigned ignorance about how she obtained the drugs has left fans feeling frustrated and let down by the scared teenage character.

While Holly’s actions are certainly disappointing, it’s important to remember that she is still a young adult navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence in the tumultuous town of Salem – a place where poor decision-making seems to be the norm, especially when it comes to the younger set. Her reluctance to tell the truth, though misguided, likely stems from a desire to protect her image and avoid causing further heartbreak for her mother, Nicole.

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Interestingly, one potential path to Holly’s redemption may come from an unexpected source: none other than the dastardly Xander Kiriakis himself! In a hilarious behind-the-scenes encounter on the Days of Our Lives set, actress Ashley Puzemis, who plays Holly, reminded Paul Telfer (Xander) of his character’s infamous kidnapping of baby Holly years ago. Telfer’s response was both lighthearted and insightful: “Look, the one thing that’s been consistent through all of my kidnappings is that my victims always become my friends later! One of them even married me!”


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Puzemis played along, joking “Yeah, we’re besties!” And while their friendship may not be at the “bestie” level just yet, the potential for Xander to serve as a mentor of sorts to Holly is an intriguing prospect. After all, Xander was once (albeit briefly) her stepfather when he forced Nicole into marriage. Who better to guide Holly back to the straight and narrow than a man intimately familiar with the consequences of poor life choices?

Xander’s checkered past has allowed him to learn tough lessons the hard way, mistakes he could help steer Holly away from repeating. Additionally, given Xander’s long-standing animosity towards EJ, the opportunity to derail EJ’s plans for Tate would surely be welcomed. By convincing Holly to come forward and take responsibility for her actions, Xander could not only facilitate her personal growth but also deal a blow to his nemesis while restoring order to the younger generation of Salemites.


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Is this potential storyline a quintessential example of crazy soap opera logic? Absolutely. But for fans invested in Holly’s journey and the legacy romance between her and Tate, seeing Xander’s past kidnapping exploits pave the way for Holly’s redemption would likely be a delightful twist they would happily embrace.

Of course, Puzemis’ behind-the-scenes hijinks didn’t stop with Telfer. She also engaged in some playful banter with her other co-stars, including Abigail Klein (Stephanie) and Billy Flynn (Chad), the latter of whom was introduced to the concept of “Girl Math” – a tongue-in-cheek social media trend used to justify frivolous purchases.

While Holly’s actions have undoubtedly tested the patience of devoted Days of Our Lives fans, it’s clear from Puzemis’ cheerful and untroubled demeanor that she and her character are vastly different people. As the young actress herself summarized in wrapping up her Instagram takeover: “I’m on a soap opera. Of course I was into an older guy who was married! But then he became my stepbrother and then I used the guy who actually likes me to break them up. But that didn’t work out, but then I decided to take drugs, but then I overdosed and I was in a coma for two months. But then I woke up, but, ‘I don’t know how I got the drugs…’ But then, to be continued!”

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