Days of Our Lives Star Greg Vaughan Needs Oxygen After Spring Break Health Scare

Actor Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric Brady on the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives, recently went on a Spring Break ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with his sons and some of their friends. What was supposed to be a fun getaway filled with skiing and snowboarding turned into a frightening health ordeal for the 49-year-old star.

The adventure started off well enough, with Vaughan sharing photos and videos on social media of the picturesque snow-covered landscapes and gushing that they had managed to avoid any injuries so far. Little did he know, his body was already sending warning signals that something wasn’t quite right.

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After just one day on the slopes, Vaughan began experiencing troubling symptoms – fatigue, shortness of breath, wheezing, congestion, and headaches. Assuming it was just a case of being run down, he tried to self-medicate by drinking Pedialyte and taking NyQuil before bed to recharge for the next day’s activities.

However, Vaughan ended up suffering through a miserable night tossing and turning, coughing, dry heaving, and with a severe headache. The next morning, he had to disappoint his sons and their friends by telling them he wouldn’t be able to join them on the mountain that day as he needed to rest.

As the day progressed, Vaughan’s condition only worsened instead of improving with rest. After another brutal, sleepless night, he decided he needed to seek medical treatment. “I had to tell my boys, plus our friends who just arrived, I was staying home to rest and be my best for our final days to come!” he recounted.

At an urgent care facility, Vaughan received a shocking diagnosis – he was suffering from severe altitude sickness. His blood oxygen level had plummeted to a dangerous 54%, while his lungs were filling with fluid. For context, a healthy person’s blood oxygen level should be between 95-100%.

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Vaughan shared photos on Instagram showing him hooked up to an oxygen tank “strapped to my face” after receiving IV treatment. The medical staff firmly instructed him he needed to descend from the high altitude immediately for his health.

But the devoted dad was determined to tough it out and allow his kids to enjoy the remainder of their Spring Break plans. “We still had another day to go,” Vaughan explained. “I opted to go home with an oxygen tank, a good laugh for everyone, and I know will follow, but my boys looked after their old man and fortunately they had friends on this trip!”

In a sobering reflection on the experience, Vaughan cautioned, “In all seriousness, no matter your age, and all the times I’ve skied and snowboarded in my lifetime, Colorado Rockies is no joke!”

His Days co-star Dan Feuerriegel, who plays EJ DiMera, commented on the Instagram post, “Dude. Glad you’re all good.” While the trip took an unexpectedly treacherous turn, fans are surely relieved Vaughan recognized the severity of the situation and sought medical care before his condition deteriorated further.

The harrowing ordeal is an important reminder that altitude sickness can strike anyone, even seasoned skiers and athletes. Vaughan’s experience underscores the importance of listening to your body, recognizing the warning signs, and not dismissing troubling symptoms – even if you’ve traveled to high altitudes before without issue.

As Vaughan continues recovering, supporters are wishing him well and hoping the remaining days of his family’s vacation can proceed smoothly and safely – with the dedicated dad resting up and getting back to full strength.

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