Claire’s Fresh Start: New Job, Old Flame

After confronting the nightmare that was Jordan and putting that dark chapter behind her, Claire’s life has taken an idyllic turn. Embraced by the powerful Newman family as the long-lost daughter of Nikki and Victor, she has been warmly welcomed into their world of wealth, privilege and even ranch ponies. What more could a girl want after the trauma she’s endured?

As Claire settles into her fairytale new life at the Newman ranch, complete with heartfelt bonding sessions with grandmother Nikki dishing all the juicy details of her scandalous past, it seems her dreams are coming true. However, Claire is an educated young woman and will soon need to hit the reset button on her professional pursuits.

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While the natural path may have been to join the corporate ranks at Newman Enterprises, Claire’s experiences volunteering at the hospital children’s ward has awoken a deeper calling within her nurturing soul. Brightening the lives of sick kids during their darkest days made Claire realize she has a true gift with children and yearns to work with them.

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In a fortuitous twist of circumstances, Kyle and Summer’s regular nanny Linda has fled town due to a family emergency – leaving little Harrison without his doting caregiver. Following the unbreakable laws of soap opera logic, the vacant nanny position seems destined to be filled by none other than Claire herself.

The effervescent connection between Claire and Harrison after just one meeting foreshadows they will become a dynamic duo. It’s all but certain Claire will soon be the new live-in nanny at the Abbott mansion, spending a whirlwind of intimate time with Kyle as she cares for his beloved son.

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For Claire, the job promises fulfillment working with kids as well as the hint of blossoming romance with Kyle, as the doting dad is bound to be smitten watching her tenderly bond with Harrison. However, this tender tableau will be a dagger in the heart for Kyle’s ex-wife and Harrison’s mother, Summer.

Although Summer has seemingly moved on with her new wealthy man Chance Chancellor, she has also been gradually rekindling her crackling chemistry with Kyle through amicable co-parenting of Harrison. The flames of “Skyle” still burn bright, with Harrison wistfully wishing for his mom and dad to reunite their family.

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Seeing her cousin Claire playing happy home with her ex-husband and their son will be Summer’s breaking point. All her efforts to focus on Chance will crumble as potent jealousy takes over. Visions of Claire living out the domestic bliss she still craves with Kyle and Harrison will become an obsession, no matter how hard she tries to resist.

Summer will simply be unable to handle the woman who is not just her cousin but was mere months ago her sworn enemy shacking up with her ex and doting on her son. Her volatile emotions will inevitably explode as she fights to sabotage Claire’s role as Harrison’s nanny and budding romance with Kyle.

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While stepping into the role as nanny may grant Claire’s deepest wishes of working with kids and finding new love, it will undoubtedly deliver tumultuous drama and heartbreak once Summer’s wrath is unleashed. Just as Claire’s life finally seemed to be achieving a storybook happy ending, her new job and relationship will be detonated by the sobering reality that she and Kyle were always destined to be Summer’s ill-fated star-crossed lovers.

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